Assessing the Accessibility of an Unfinished Attic

If space is less accessible, the contractors will charge you higher rates as it will likely take them more man hours to complete the job. Most attic lack pipes, ducts, and wiring hence you may have to install them so that you can achieve a fully functional space.

Attic space used to install a HVAC system

Fully utilizing the attic space with an air conditioner

Heating and Cooling

You should have an HVAC specialist analyze your space for you to know whether you need any addition. In most cases, the existing forced air blower can be sufficient. If it is not enough, you can opt to install a window air conditioner. It costs about $300. An electric baseboard heater can cost $150 to $200. You can as well choose to install more ducts and vents to boost the HVAC system.


Homeowners should hire fully licensed and insured electrician for the services. The average cost is about $50 to $75 per hour. The electrician will assess the electrical home panel to know whether it can handle the increased load to your attic. He can install a new attic or run wires to the attic (average cost $1,500 to $3,000).


If you opt to convert the attic into a master bedroom or family room, then you need plumbing. You can locate the bathroom close to pipes carrying water to the septic tank so that you can save on cost. A professional plumber can cost $150 to $450. Installing plumbing fixtures costs an average of $1,000.